How to switch from GB whatsapp to whatsapp without losing data

Before switching from the GB whats app to an app without losing messages, you should know about Facebook F8 Keynote.

A few years ago, Facebook bought whats app for 19 billion dollars, and that’s a massive amount as what’s app is the fastest growing social networking app, before a few months ago, Facebook has announced that within a few months they are going to serve ads on whatsapp by which they can get ROI (return on investment).


Many clone apps come with more features in the world of the internet than the original apps after the launch of whatsapp; there are few communities like Fouad mod, GB whats app made clone whatsapp with great features.

Why Most of the users using GB whats app and Fouad whatsapp

Most people are using the Fouad What’s app and GB whats app to develop some more extra features.

  • Customization.
  • Auto-reply.
  • Sending 1Gb files without any limitations.
  • Themes.
  • Message forwarding without limits.
  • Hide profile Names.
  • Lock conversations.
  • Copy status.
  • Read Receipts.
  • Hide last seen.
  • At what time a person opened their whats app

And many more features are available in the Fouad whats app and GB whats app; as users need these features, many of them are using Mods and GB whatsapp.

Pro’s by using GB whatsapp or Fouad whatsapp

You can enjoy the features mentioned above and other components using the GB whats app and Fouad whats app.

Con’s by using GB whatsapp or Fouad whatsapp

As I have mentioned that Facebook is going to serve ads on whatsapp by using GB whats app and Fouad whats app, they will lose the ad revenue, So Facebook made a decision banning users from whatsapp

For the past month, a lot of users are getting banned from what’s an app, firstly whats app banning GB whats app and Fouad whatsapp users for temporarily up to 48 min and if you have not noticed it and continued using other services whats app will permanently ban them from what’s app.

Steps switch from GB whats app to whatsapp without losing data.

There are only a few steps to switch from the GB whats app to whatsapp without losing data for the sake of clarity and safer restoring. Follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Firstly, Open your GB what’s app or Fouad whats app and head over to the backup section.

2. Now click Back up. This will backup your data, including messages and videos.

If you are using the Fouad Mod whatsapp, you will not be able to back up to google drive, but you can see the data will back up, and it will show 100 % back up.

3. After step 2, head over to the File Manager and open the “what’s app” folder.

4. In the “what’s app” folder, you will find a folder named “Databases.”Open that folder.

5. In the “Databases” folder, you can see some files and from them find the file which has today’s date (The date on which you are reading this article). If you cannot find the file with today’s date, repeat step 2 and recheck the files.

6. Now, uninstall the GB what’s app or Fouad whats app from your device.

7. Again, head over to the “Databases” folder and delete the “msgstore.DB.crypt12” file.

8. After deleting the file now rename the file” msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12″ to” msgstore.DB.crypt12 “.

Note: Follow the exact process which we have mentioned. Do not make mistakes while changing file names.

9. Now Install Official Whatsapp from the Google Play store.

10. Give all the required permissions and enter the necessary details and move on.

11. Now, what’s app will ask you to restore the data? Press the restore button to fix all the data, including messages and videos.

Now you can enjoy the new whats app officially without any problem. If you cannot understand any of the steps, feel free to ask.

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