Infosys Interview Experience and Questions

The below are the interview experience and questions of the Interview System Engineer position. These questions are shared by a candidate who got the job in the Infosys company.


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Infosys Interview Experience

My date was scheduled for 2nd September 2021. But I was very ill and was admitted to the hospital. Even though I joined, the interviewer asked me not to continue and said he’d schedule at a later date. It then got rescheduled for 13th October 2021.

My time was from 12:00 PM to 12:19 PM.

I joined sharply at 12:00 PM. The interviewer joined but asked me to wait for 5 minutes. He then came back 20 minutes later.

Infosys Interview Questions

Question 1:

Introduce yourself to me.

I said, “My name is Abhishekh Dey, and I am a guy who loves to work on the latest web technologies. I graduated from Chandigarh University with my Bachelor’s of Computer Science Engineering. I have experience as a technical speaker of Google Developer Group Chandigarh. I have developed and deployed more than 15+ live projects on the Web, Cybersecurity, and more. And my hobby is writing blogs.

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Question 2:

What is the main line of difference in layman’s terms between MongoDB and traditional SQL-based databases.

Answer: The main line of difference is that data is arranged in a tabular form and is structured and integrated using psiphers, while in MongoDB, it is a SQL less database where data is organized in the forms of files.

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Question 3:

As I can see, you have more than 15+ live projects. Freelancing?
Answer: Yes.
Follow up question: Why so? Pocket money?
Answer: Kind of sort of. Mostly because I enjoyed doing it.

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Question 4:

Why Infosys when you have completed your internship with Deloitte?

Answer: I look up to a person named Mr. Kamal Vaid from Infosys. He works as a tech lead in Infosys. He was my mentor in Google Developer Group Chandigarh. What he does for the community is beyond words. I heard from him that Infy is a great place to grow as it has the best training in India. Also, the technology that I work upon is the MERN stack. And Infy has the best MERN stack projects. That’s why.

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  • Him: Alright. Do you have any questions?
  • Me: Yes, sir. How would you rate my interview?
  • Him: Well, we’re not allowed to say that. You’ll receive official confirmation from Infosys after 3-4 weeks. But expect good news soon.
  • Thank you, Abhishekh. You may leave the interview.

Thank you for sharing it Abhishek Dey

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  1. I’m really doubtful whether he really did all those work, as any person who had that much weightage would never think to go for infosys as a system engineer. A full stack we developer going as a system engineer for 3.6lpa? 😂


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