More and more people are relying on private cars as their major means of transportation

More and more people are relying on private cars as their major means of transportation. Describe some of the problems associated with over-reliance on cars and suggest at least one possible solution. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Nowadays, everyone in society is dependent on four-wheelers, creating several new problems in the environment. The current situation can be overcome in different ways, and a few of them are discussed in this essay.

Firstly, as every individual uses their cars daily, it is causing many problems like air pollution and sound pollution, affecting the humans and flora and fauna. The smoke emitted out of these vehicles is harmful to us. For instance, in the present days, the toxic chemicals in the air from automobiles are causing various health problems like Asthma, Tuberculosis, etc. Moreover, these gases are also affecting the ozone layer, and as a result, people are suffering from several health issues.

To avoid these types of problems, the government should limit the usage of private transport on the road and bring awareness to the public about the issues caused by them. Furthermore, using public transport rather than private cars can save expenditure and decrease the damage. For instance, in recent years, the Delhi government has introduced a new program called “odd-even,” which means a vehicle with an odd number should be used only on irregular dates and vice versa for even. The program was stopped for a few other reasons, but bringing similar ones may decrease up to some extinct.

To conclude, there are many ways to solve this problem, but the only instant way to solve it is public transport usage. Society should start using them instead of their vehicles such that it decreases the air pollution and hence, the damages can also be reduced.


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