Social Media has helped us increase our virtual networks. This has isolated us physically…

Social Media has helped us increase our virtual networks. This has isolated us physically, making us socially awkward in person.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


A few people think that the Internet community has developed our remote contacts, making us alone and difficult physically. I strongly agree with this statement, and the possible reason is discussed in this essay.

Firstly, social networks have completely changed one’s way of living and many other aspects also. Previously, people used to meet and spend some hours happily with their beloved ones, but now, everyone is contacting virtually. Furthermore, if a person gets habituated to the social network, they will not live in real-time. For instance, these days, many children are browsing on the media networks, which is affecting their practical & mental ability so that they will not be able to live physically with someone.

On the other hand, individuals cannot even talk to someone in real life because of their fears; thus, they stay in their homes to avoid them. Moreover, employees find it difficult to present some projects in offline hours because they have been habituated to social media. As a result, they are not effective at the workplace. For example, a job holder who presents a PowerPoint in the online session can’t do the same thing offline because he has got habituated to the virtual media, and hence, he’s staying indoors.

To wrap up, even though the social world has improved virtual communication, it has damaged almost everyone’s life by bringing fear and adding a lack of confidence.

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