Artificial Intelligence and it’s types: overview

Most of you might already know the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as it’s playing a pivotal role in today’s world. In austere worlds, AI means the replica of human intelligence in machines. In this article, we will be having an essential touch-up of AI with example and its types.


Artificial Intelligence

As said earlier, it stimulates man’s intelligence capable of thinking and brilliantly doing several tasks. To describe in simple words, with Artificial Intelligence, machines can think and exploit like humans.

For instance, let’s take the example of Chatbots. Nowadays, as the world is developing, everyone demands excess money, even for a small job. These days the customer support teams run the live chat. But with the use of AI, we can replace the employees up to some extinct with a bot. The bot will automatically find out the keywords in the chat and will send the related content. It can also be used to accept & track orders and make direct calls.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

In general, there are three types of AI, i.e., reactive machines, limited memory, and Reinforcement learning.

1. Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are straightforward, and they usually perform elementary operations. It is the first stage of any A.I system, and it generally reacts to some I/O. A Machine Learning algorithm acquires a human face as input, and it automatically adds a box around the face to identify the face.

2. Limited Memory

The Limited Memory includes ML models snippets the data from the previously mastered information and uses that data to improve the prediction levels.

3. Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is an area that belongs to Machine Learning which takes the necessary actions in the required time to optimize the reward. This approach is generally used to teach computers how to play the games like Chess, Go, and so on.

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