TCS Interview Experience and Questions

TCS Ninja 2021 Interview Questions and Experience | Below are the interview experience and questions of the TCS Ninja 2021. These questions are shared by the candidate who got placed in TCS.


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The Interview was held for 30 minutes and both TR and HR were conducted at once in different meeting links.

TCS Technical Round (TR) Interview

1. Me: Good morning madam
Interviewer: Good morning
2. Interviewer: Tell me about yourself
Me: I Said myself
3. Interviewer: Which programming language do you know
Me: I know basics in c, and I have some basic knowledge of oops
4. Interviewer: Define array, stack, unary
Me: I just said the definitions
5. Interviewer: How many types of principles are there in oops
Me: I said there are four principles, and they are Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism
6. Interviewer: explain polymorphism
Me: I said the definition of polymorphism
7. Interviewer: can you execute a c program right now in any online compiler
Me: Yes
8. Interviewer: okay, write code for swapping of two numbers
Me: I started writing code
9. Interviewer: no need to execute, just explain the condition
Me: I explained the condition
10. okay, I’ll send you a link. You can join the HR meeting through the link, and all the best
Me: okay, madam, thank you

TCS HR Interview

I joined the HR meeting through the link which TR gives.
1. Me: Good morning madam
Interviewer: good morning .how are you
2. Me: good madam
Interviewer: How can you rate yourself in TR
3. Me: 4 out of 5
Interviewer: good
4 . Interviewer: can I know about yourself
Me: I said myself
(Last I said, my hobbies are reading books and listening to music)
5. Interviewer: what kind of songs would you like to listen
Me: It depends on the mood
6. Interviewer: if you are in a good mood, what kind of songs do you listen
Me: I said romantic songs
7. Interviewer: in which language you used to listen to songs, Hindi or English
Me: I said I would like to hear songs in my native language Telugu
8. Interviewer: Okay, who are your favourite singers
Me: I said Shreya Ghoshal and Anurag Kulkarni
9. Interviewer: what are the Books you have read
Me: I said one book name
10. Interviewer: Okay, explain the summary
Me: I explained it
11. Interviewer: what do you know about TCS
Me:( I gathered some information From Google, so I said that)
12. Interviewer: Why TCS
Me: The trust which all Indians have towards TCS
13. Interviewer: Describe yourself in a single word
Me: I said discipline
14. Interviewer: where you have used your quality
Me: I said one of my college events how I control the students and how I make them be discipline
15. Interviewer: Do you know the service agreement
Me: yes
16. Interviewer: Are you ready
Me: yes
17. Interviewer: do you have any questions
Me: I said I think I understood well about TCS, so I don’t have questions
18. Interviewer: Okay, bye
Me: Bye, Mam


I just say you don’t put hobbies blindly.
You should maintain at least basic knowledge of what you put in your resume.

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